The TclVI is a Tcl/Tk extension to support Velleman instrumentation. It consists of a library implementing drivers for some Velleman instruments. For the time being only the PCS500 DSO and the PCG10 function generator are supported, but there are plans to support more instruments in the future.

The library was made to be loadable into a Tcl interpreter and to be used from Tcl scripts. However, nothing stops one from using the library from any C program.

The TclVI package includes the extension library itself and a GUI instrument control application for the PCS500 DSO entirely written in Tcl/Tk. A control applications for the PCG10 Function Generator is still under development and will be available soon. The distribution also contains simpler scripts that may be used to exemplify the library usage.


Hardware Requirements

Besides the Instrument you want to control itself, you'll need the following pieces of hardware to be able to use the TclVI

Software Requirements

The TclVI requires at least the runtime environment of the Tcl/Tk and the BLT Toolkit. The TclVI relies on the BLT toolkit to perform some data handling. The BLT toolkit is also extensively used from the Tcl/Tk scripts that control the instruments to perform the data visualization.

To run

The software requires recent versions of Tcl/Tk and the BLT.

We assume that people using Linux already master the package manager software from his/her prefered Linux distribution. So we don't give instructions howto build or install prerequisites.

For windows users we recommend download and install the following software:

To compile

*Full installation means that the development files (the .h files) are also required.


Latest version

Previous versions

Note: do not download version 1.0 since it is broken in many ways. See release notes.


DSO main panel


Currently the only available documentation is the TclVI development wiki. It would be very nice to have downloadable HTML documentation and printable PDF documents. Please contact the author if your interested in contribute to the documentation.

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